The Cathedral Garden houses a Labyrinth in the Garden. Visitors are welcome to come and walk the labyrinth any time the Cathedral is open.labyrinth Each walk is a personal experience. Your walk can be a healing and sometimes very profound experience or it can be just a pleasant walk. How one walks and what one receives differs with each walk.

  • Use the walk for clearing the mind and centering.
  • Enter with a question or concern.
  • The time in the center can be used for receiving, reflecting, meditating, or praying.
  • The walk out is time to integrate your discoveries and insights.
  • It is okay to get “lost” in the labyrinth; start again wherever you find yourself.
  • Consider how you can see through your experience of walking the labyrinth
    to implications for your life and faith practices.
Walking the Labyrinth
  • Quietly approach the beginning.
  • Say a prayer, like the Lord’s Prayer before entering.
  • As you walk, you can repeat a prayer or phrase, or just walk quietly and slowly through the path.
  • Take your time and be aware of thoughts, feelings, and impressions.
  • Pause at the center to pray, listen, and be in God’s presence.
  • Slowly return along the path to the beginning, being conscious of your insights, feelings, and peace.
  • You can repeat a prayer as you exit the labyrinth.
  • Spend some time in the quiet of the garden before returning to your routine.

A labyrinth and a maze are not the same. A maze has dead ends and trick turns. A labyrinth is unicursal. This means there is “one path”. The way out is the same path as the way in. There are no dead ends or blind alleys. With a labyrinth there is only one choice to be made—whether or not to walk a spiritual path.

Our Labyrinth is listed on the World Wide Labyrinth Locator website.