Shannon Baldwin
Class of 2019
Katy Braziel
Class of 2019
Kirk Bigger
Class of 2018
butler 2015Diane Butler
Junior Warden
Class of 2017
Mary Erwin
Class of 2019
John Homko
Class of 2018
 Sandra Holmen Ann Jung
Alyssa Landahl
Class of 2017
Dinah Pierotti
Class of 2018
rangel 2015Arturo Rangel
Class of 2017
Paul Wilson-Scott
Class of 2019
Charlie Hawkins
Senior Warden

During the process of a Search for a Dean of a Cathedral, the search committee is the Cathedral Chapter comprised of 

  • Wardens & Vestry of the Cathedral
  • DRG Bishop – Rt. Rev. Michael L. Vono
  • DRG Chancellors – Karen Aubrey and Clyde Pine
  • DRG Treasurer – Dr. Guy Gronquist
  • Three at-large members elected by Convention: Canon Paul Shoemaker, David Martinez and the Rev. Jan Hosea