Author archives: Cindy Davis

  • As was evident last Sunday with the Bishop’s visit, Chorister promotions, Sunday School teacher recognition, and the concert (I don’t think I left anything out); the program year is coming to a close. We are about to enter the slightly slower rhythm of the season after Pentecost to make way for plan... [read more]
  • From the Deacon's Desk This is a day filled with joy!  This Sunday, we are fortunate to have Bishop Vono with us for Confirmations, Receptions and Reaffirmations. The Prayer Book says: “In the course of their Christian development, those baptized at an early age are expected, when they are ready ... [read more]
  • From the Canon’s Corner Today, we are recognizing graduates during our services: those who are graduating from College, High School, and even distance learning programs, like our Education for Ministry program here at the Cathedral.  We recognize them in our larger community because these are mom... [read more]
  • From the Deacon’s Desk   Since Dean Goodman is now on sabbatical, it is left to Canon Drinkwater and me to write this weekly missive. So for the next four months you will hear from us alternately and hopefully, we will do our best to keep you as engaged as the Dean would. A formidable tas... [read more]
  • As you read this on Sunday morning, Dawn and I will be in Chicago, attending the annual meeting of the Conference of North American Deans and Spouses. While we haven’t been to one of these conferences in the last three years, we attended most of the others since being in Albuquerque. A different cat... [read more]
  • Today is the Second Sunday of Easter. We all know that Easter is not just a day; it’s a season, called Eastertide. Eastertide lasts fifty days, known traditionally as the Great Fifty Days. Many liturgical scholars think that this fifty day interval, from the Feast of the Resurrection to the Feast of... [read more]