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  • When I was in high school I caught something. I had gone to a Cursillo-type weekend called Happening, which was specifically designed for high schoolers. It was awesome. I formed some friendships which I still have and it served to strengthen those that I already had as I brought my friends to their... [read more]
  • What Can I Learn From Service? "People we meet, some great in the eyes of the world and some almost invisible to the larger society, are often conduits of God's wisdom. Henri Nouwen, Discernment: Reading the Signs of Daily Life When I was ordained to the diaconate, I was placed into a ministry ... [read more]
  • This is one of those gospel passages that I read in order to give thanks for how different God is from us.  Jesus, in this parable, describes a God that scatters seed every which way, heedless of where it will land or whether or not it will grow well, hoping against hope that seeds will sprout in un... [read more]