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  • It appears that there are some who are not distressed by the level of anger and vitriol in the rhetoric of this election season. I did not watch either of the party conventions this year, but what I have read of them indicates that both displayed their share of pitched posturing, intra-party rage, a... [read more]
  • There are times in our Gospels when Jesus seems to single out those who are materially wealthy to demonstrate points in his parables. This has led many to characterize Jesus as a teacher who despised the rich and favored the poor. Let me be clear: Jesus came that he might draw the WHOLE world to him... [read more]
  • In this week's Gospel, we hear the Lucan version of the Lord's Prayer. While many of us are more familiar with the Matthean version (the one that actually starts “Our Father”), Luke's version is considered by many to be older and thus closer to the actual words of Jesus. Let's assume this to be true... [read more]
  • It will come as no surprise to many who know me that I identify with Martha in this story. Rather than extolling one sister over another, I tend to see this moment between Jesus and his friends as being more about the tendencies present within each one of us. I am a do-er. I have always struggled... [read more]