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  • In school, we are taught that the universe is governed by set laws. Physics, chemistry, geology, and the other physical sciences are all predicated upon the discovery of the set laws of nature. We learn about the laws of gravity, conservation of mass, thermodynamics, the periodic table, and many mor... [read more]
  • Faith is a familiar concept to us, and, at the same time, it is a strange idea. As we go through our everyday lives, we rely upon faith more than we realize, perhaps. We have faith that cars will stop at the red light, allowing us who have the green light to proceed safely. When we go to the grocery... [read more]
  • Everyone enjoys getting an invitation in the mail. Whether it’s to a dinner, a party, a wedding, or another special occasion, receiving an invitation makes us feel included, wanted, and valued. Invitations are a confirmation that we are part of a community, and human beings are, at heart, communal c... [read more]
  • Historically, there are four orders of ministry in the Church: the laity, deacons, priests, and bishops. The roots of the three ordained orders can be found in the Old and New Testaments. Certainly, there were priests of the Temple, beginning with Aaron, and that priesthood has many theological and ... [read more]
  • It appears that there are some who are not distressed by the level of anger and vitriol in the rhetoric of this election season. I did not watch either of the party conventions this year, but what I have read of them indicates that both displayed their share of pitched posturing, intra-party rage, a... [read more]
  • There are times in our Gospels when Jesus seems to single out those who are materially wealthy to demonstrate points in his parables. This has led many to characterize Jesus as a teacher who despised the rich and favored the poor. Let me be clear: Jesus came that he might draw the WHOLE world to him... [read more]