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  • Once again, we stand at the threshold of Lent. This season of “forty days and forty nights,” as one Lenten hymn puts it, is one of great opportunity. In Lent, God invites us into a sacred time and a holy space, what the Bible terms “wilderness,” in which we are able to meet God and listen to him in ... [read more]
  • One of the topics foremost in my mind as the recent meeting of the Primates approached, and as the actions are being considered, is reconciliation. This is holy work to which we are called by Christ himself. “In Christ,” St. Paul tells us, “God is reconciling the world to himself.” This passage from... [read more]
  • During the Christmas holiday, I found myself going through drawers as I decided what should go and what should stay. Among the commercial VHS tapes that were destined for the “go” boxes, there were some that had clearly been recorded by our family. These captured various moments in the life of our f... [read more]