Cathedral News, August 27, 2017


I am the oldest of three brothers. We are all relatively close in age and my brothers remain some of my closest friends. Despite how close we are to one another, there have only been a couple moments when we were all in the same school. On one such occasion, shortly after my middle brother started high school, one of his friends recognized me in the hallway and said “I know you. You’re J. D.’s brother.” This was the first time EVER that someone had referred to me by my brother’s relationship to me and I have to admit that I did not react well. I replied “No, J.D. is my brother. I was here first.”

This is a comical example, but it does have a bearing on our Gospel reading this morning. It mattered to me that this person was hearing about who I was through my little brother. And it made me value my relationship with my younger brother all the more, because I knew that I never had to wonder what he was saying about me.

As The Rev. Carolyn Metzler has reminded us all summer. Christ has not hands and feet but ours. We are the body of Christ at work in the world and what we do matters, because what we do answers Jesus’ question to us in the Gospel passage this morning: “Who do you say that I am?” We tell the world who Jesus is by what we do in the world. Christ has no other voice through which to speak compassion to those in prison or in the hospital. Christ has no other feet on which to travel into the dark places of the world. Christ has no other hands through which to build his kingdom. We may be broken, but we are all we’ve got.

Let us strive to be a body of Christ that cares about children being raised up in the way they should go by having plenty of Sunday School Teachers this year. Let us strive to be a body of Christ that clothes the naked by staffing the thrift shop. Let us strive to be a body of Christ that cares for the hungry through our front desk and food pantry ministries. Let us strive to be a Body of Christ that cares for one another… by caring for one another.

In doing these things with intention, we proclaim the Christ we know and love through the Gospel stories. We tell the world that Christ cares and that Christ matters. Let us strive to be those kind of people.