Cathedral News, January 14, 2018


I grew up in Berryville, Arkansas, a town of barely 2000 souls in northwest Arkansas that reflected the southern values of the 50’s and 60’s.  The town square (we had a “square,” not a plaza!) was the center of the community and one couldn’t get from one side of town to the other without driving through the square.  At the entrance was an Army recruitment sign that many of you may recall.  It was Uncle Sam, with his top hat of stars and stripes, a silver beard and extremely stern look, pointing his finger directly toward the viewer and saying, “I WANT YOU,” in big black letters.  It was simple, firm and direct.

I am impressed with the slate of candidates we have running for Vestry.  And I want to issue a hearty “thank you” to everyone who has stepped forward.  In many parishes, Vestries are composed of reluctant folks who are just the first ones who didn’t say “no.”  That’s not the case this here.  I have every confidence that whoever is elected will guide us through our transition with dedication and expertise.

However, this energy for Vestry points to an issue I was reminded of this week when one of our Altar Guild ministers said that they were functioning “with a skeleton crew.”  And I’m sorely aware that this is the condition of some of our other ministries as well.  As we move through our transition, we need your help.

Jesus recruited the disciples directly, but I’m sure if he’d had a ‘synagogue newsletter’ he would have issued a similar appeal!  So before you write me off as a hopeless whiner broadcasting a plea to deaf ears, please hear me out.  I’m not asking for a lifetime commitment.  Can you help just through this year of transition?

I understand firsthand the demands on your time.  However, there are ways to pitch in that aren’t overly taxing.

  • Are you already an avid ‘Facebooker’ who can promote the Cathedral online?
  • Are you moved by our liturgy and willing to help at the altar once or twice a month?
  • Could you support the Sack Lunch ministry with an afternoon or morning each week, or be an occasional substitute?
  • Is your child looking for a service learning project for school?
  • Contributing time and talent with a grandchild is a perfect way to spend quality time together, teach the importance of service, and give parents some “me time.”
  • What would you like to see happening that needs help?

This work is extremely important.  As believers, we aren’t “volunteers.”  What we do is “ministry” and you are the ministers.  Listen closely to our dismissal on Sundays when we respond to the Deacon’s call “To serve Christ” by saying, “We share his love with all.”  Ministry is how we take what we do at the altar and make it real in the world.  Our common life at the Cathedral needs your time and talent, especially now.  WE WANT YOU!

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