Cathedral News, July 9, 2017


Service as a Spiritual Discipline

“I am among you as one who serves.”  Luke 22:27

Typically, when we speak of a ‘spiritual discipline’ we imagine a consistent practice of some form of prayer and study such as saying the daily offices, reading the Bible, meditation or fasting during Lent, for example.  Any and all of these are invaluable to our spiritual development.  But for the most part, when we think of a spiritual discipline, it’s quiet, internal activities that usually come to mind.

I’d like to suggest though, that pretty much every experience offers an opportunity to learn and grow in our faith.  The fact of the matter is that God is forming and shaping us through each action and event in our lives, whether we are conscious of God’s presence or not.  And an active life of faith is equally as important to our spiritual development as contemplative endeavors.

Service as a spiritual discipline is what we are referring to when we talk about being good stewards and returning back to God what we have been given.  I’m reminded that God placed Adam in the garden to work and take care of it; and also of the Parable of the Talents in Matthew when the “good and faithful servant” utilized his resources creatively to return back to the master twice the amount he was given.

When we utilize our talents in service, God gives us all we need and rewards us generously.  Spiritual growth is multiplied exponentially by the relationships we form while in service.  Giving back our time and talent isn’t something we do just so we can get a ticket into heaven – salvation is a gift that can’t be earned.   Giving back is a way to fulfill our Baptismal Covenant to “seek and serve Christ in all persons” and love our neighbor as our self.

Pentecost is the longest season in our liturgical year.  As such, it provides us with the opportunity to delve deeply into our spiritual lives so as to discern how we will utilize our talents to further God’s kingdom in the here and now.

The Cathedral is like all other parishes in that we rely on your efforts and expertise – your talents – to accomplish our mission to “Build Up the Body of Christ for the Work of the Gospel.”

The relationship between service and your spiritual discipline is inextricably linked.  In this way, service becomes a gift both given and received, and creates relationships that promote Christ’s presence in the world.

How can you enhance your spiritual life by being of service both within and to our Cathedral community?

Deacon Chuck+

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