Cathedral News, June 11, 2017


I think one of the things that gets underplayed slightly in the way we tell our story nowadays is just how much Jesus goes out of his way to comfort his disciples in the face of what I am sure seems like an overwhelming mission. Jesus spends three chapters in John before the Passover meal with his disciples praying for them to the Father. Jesus spends a great deal of time in the Gospel of Luke after his resurrection and before his ascension. Both mark and Matthew have similar stories about Jesus’ sending out of his disciples.

On some level, a great deal of encouragement is needed and expected. The disciples are tasked in the Gospels with nothing less than the transformation of the world as they know it. In Luke, the vision and transformation take root right away as the disciples begin to sell of everything they own and live in common with one another in the Acts community. The other Gospel writers seem slightly more cautious than that. They know that changing the world is not something that happens right away.

This weekend I am attending the convocation for the ECN, the Episcopal Diocese on the Navajo reservation. I am here to listen. I am here to pray and break bread among those whom the Cathedral has been working alongside for some time to bring about a more vivid picture of the Kingdom of God in our corner of the world. In many ways, what we have been doing has done just that by providing a safe and constructive place for the children on the reservation to spend their time during the summer. In this ministry, however, just like in many others with which I am involved, even when things are going well it is helpful to make sure every once in a while that what we are doing meets the needs of those we hope to serve and answers the call Jesus puts to us just as he did to the disciples before us.

I hope that you take time to do that, too. We have just been given the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and now it is time for us to take that gift out into the world and give it to others. One of the ways that we tap into that gift is to pray about what God is calling us to do and how God is asking us to do the work of reconciling the world to himself.

Let us go forth into the world rejoicing in the power of the Spirit!