Cathedral News, May 28, 2017


As was evident last Sunday with the Bishop’s visit, Chorister promotions, Sunday School teacher recognition, and the concert (I don’t think I left anything out); the program year is coming to a close. We are about to enter the slightly slower rhythm of the season after Pentecost to make way for plans for summer travel and the in between time that summer represents.

Today in our Gospel lesson Jesus is preparing his disciples for a transition. Today we celebrate the feast of the Ascension, which took place on Thursday. Jesus body is about to ascend to heaven, and the ministry that his disciples enjoyed in the presence of the Incarnate Word is coming to a close. This does not mean that ministry stops for the disciples. In fact, quite the contrary, the role of the disciples is about to expand as they assume the name “apostles”.

Ministry does not stop for us during the summer, either. We will still be feeding the hungry through our Food Pantry, serving our neighborhood through the work of the Thrift Shop, opening our space to groups like Alcoholics Anonymous during the week, and diligently preparing for each worship service through the hard work of our acolytes, chalice bearers, and Altar Guild. All of this remains the work of the whole community, though some of us will be traveling for a time. I encourage you to pray, if you find yourself traveling this Summer, for the ministries of your Cathedral.

The slower pace represented by our summer schedule, which starts next week, is also a time for reflection on ministries that matter to you. Are you involved in a ministry that is fulfilling to you? Are you being called by God and the church to become involved in something new? You may not necessarily, but now is a good time to be asking those questions.

Several weeks ago, The Rev. Carolyn Metzler preached a sermon about ministry in the in between times, which seems as good a term as any to use for the summer. She said that “ordinary time” was so important because it encourages us to look for God in the common parts of our lives. Wherever this summer finds you, I hope you have a chance to encounter the Holy in the Common.

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