Cathedral News, November 12, 2017


First off, I want to thank Mary Erwin for her dedication and commitment as Senior Warden for the past two years. Many positive things were accomplished, providing a solid groundwork for the future. Our Cathedral community is in a unique position right now, with the opportunity to define and refine our vision as well as select a new dean to guide us “there.”

As you have heard, our initial task is to select an interim Dean to guide us in the coming year. As you have learned from Mary, a subcommittee of the Vestry has been working to develop criteria and qualities for this person. On Thursday, the Cathedral Chapter (composed of the Vestry plus seven additional people) met to review the criteria and discuss the process going forward. The subcommittee will review resumes of candidates, rating them against the criteria to narrow the list to three (or so) candidates. We will then conduct in-depth interviews with the “finalists” and eventually choose the person for the interim Dean position. I’ll give you weekly updates in the Cathedral News on where we stand.

Stewardship is something near and dear to my heart…and it is encouraging to see your response to the 2018 campaign. Thanks to everyone who has pledged. If you haven’t gotten around to turning in your pledge card, please make this a priority. As of this week, we are just over 70% toward reaching our pledge goal of $635,000.

Charlie Hawkins, Senior Warden

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