Cathedral News, October 15, 2017


Interim Dean Search

The vestry has begun work to find an interim dean and I would like to take this opportunity to share our work with you.

When Father Mark shared the news about his calling to new ministries, the vestry created a timeline of the processes we would need to use and then began to focus on the first step, finding an interim dean.

We started by listing qualities that we felt would be most helpful for the interim dean to possess while the Cathedral Chapter begins deliberations to call a new dean. From this list, we created a matrix and have begun seeking letters of interest from several possible candidates. As we receive materials we will begin to look at how the candidates compare to the list of qualities we feel are most important. When we have several suitable candidates, we will begin conducting interviews.

We are very fortunate to have strong pastoral care and leadership with our current staff, so we are not in a rush and want to be thoughtful and prayerful about who we select. After the appropriate background checks, etc. from the DRG, we hope to welcome this person early in the new year.

If you have questions or concerns and to minimize any misunderstandings, please talk to any vestry member about this process. We want to be as transparent as possible while protecting the names being considered. Your prayers of support are appreciated as we move into this time of renewal together as a congregation and live into our mission of building up the Body of Christ for the work of the Gospel.

In peace,

Mary Erwin, Senior Warden

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