Sunday School

The formation ministries of the Cathedral encourage the increase the knowledge of God and the practices of his church for parishioners of all ages. We strive to provide welcoming spaces for people of all ages regardless of any personal factors or experiences. Find out more about our Adult ministries here.

2016-class-roomsJoin us for Christian Formation every week at 10AM! Ages 3 through 2nd Grade use the Godly Play curriculum, Mustard Seed curriculum is used in our 3rd and 4th grade room. These grades meet downstairs in Clark Center. Older children and youth meet upstairs for Bible Study and more in depth exploration of Christian formation topics.  

Child Care in the Nursery is available on Sunday mornings frflag bannerom 8:45 a.m.—12:30 p.m. Infants to age 7 are welcome in the nursery, located just off the Gallery. Children over age 7 are encouraged to attend Children’s Chapel and church. Children in the Nursery join the Godly Play class during Sunday School.

bartimeaus-children-102515Sunday School for Children and Youth follows the 9 am service (beginning at about 10:10 am) most Sundays during the traditional school year. Sunday School resumes September 11.

Every Sunday there is Children's Chapel. (There will be no Children's Chapel from June 4-August 28) Children follow the cross to Clark Center during the singing of the Gloria for child-friendly time of worship for our younger members. They return at the Offertory and help bring forward the food offerings for our Food Pantry.

The Sunday Education time is an invitation to children to enter into a deeper knowledge of God and his creation. Many of our servant leaders have children or teenagers at home and are committed to this ministry notwithstanding challenging work and family agendas.

Sunday School for Youth follows the 9 am service (beginning at about 10:05 am) most Sundays during the traditional school year. Youth Group meets every Sunday at 6PM.  

The Christian formation classes focus on the practical and spiritual transformations from childhood to ot-reading-youtharist-041016young adulthood. At each level, the youth are encouraged to regularly participate in study and fellowship. Each level includes challenges and opportunities including local service projects, social happenings, pastoral care and diocesan events. Youth classes meet upstairs in the Library and Middleton Center on Sunday morning.


If you have questions about our Sunday School programs or to volunteer contact Canon Drinkwater.