Summer Art & Design Camp


Third Annual Summer Art and Design Camp will be held in 2018. 

The 2016 Art and Design Camp, an educational enrichment camp that integrated fine art, architectural design, physics, math, language and creativity, was held at the Cathedral June 6-17. The program was created by School Zone Institute, who partners with Cathedral volunteers in order to run the camp. In 2016 year, Liz Olton, PhD (Art History) a Cathedral member acted as camp coordinator for the 23 students grades K-4 who enrolled.

art camp 2016 w atsukoOver the 2 weeks of the camp, students did a comparative study between modern southwestern architecture and the ancient city of Pompeii.  They learned about the culture of Pompeii and studied line, color, and mosaic. They also did building projects by beginning with 2D drafts of a home, continuing with 3D models of their drafts, and finishing with large model homes big enough for the children to enter and play. They also had an opportunity to do small scale community planning by building models of a town.

The camp is designed to provide enrichment programming for children, to provide opportunities for the Cathedral to make contact with downtown families, and to reach out to low-income families that would otherwise be unable to provide such opportunities for their children. Fourteen of the children who attended were able to do so thanks to scholarship money donated by Cathedral members and the St. John’s Thrift camp 2016 drawing

Watch a video about how this event came to be and hear some of the children’s thoughts about the 2015 Camp.

More photos from the Camp are on the Photo page of the website.