Pilgrim Road: Lent Devotional and Discussions

  • Start date:
    March 22, 2017, 6:00 pm
  • End date:
    April 5, 2017, 7:00 pm

Pilgrim Road, a Benedictine Journey Through Lent, by Albert Holtz is the suggested study for Lent. Dean Goodman says, “this would be a wonderful goal for people of faith: to read something each day that will inspire us or educate us in our faith journey. With that goal in mind, Canon Drinkwater and I encourage you to select a book for spiritual reading this Lent, and we invite you to be part of the Cathedral Lenten Discussion Forums. We have selected a book that we encourage all in the Cathedral to read this Lent: Pilgrim Road: A Benedictine journey through Lent, by Albert Holtz, who is a member of the Order of St. Benedict.

Brother Holtz writes from his sabbatical experiences, when he travelled extensively around the world. Each day in Lent is paired with a place he visited, and he reflects on the spiritual meaning each location had for him and what we might learn about our own spiritual pilgrimage. At the end of each week is a session for group discussion. Here is where the clergy invite members of the Cathedral to come together and have a conversation about their thoughts on the book.

Discussion Groups continue to meet each Wednesday in Lent, beginning at 6:00 p.m. However, the venues, Flying Star Café locations, have proven to be problematic, in that conversation and discussion is difficult with the ambient noise level being quite high. John and Joanne Gray have graciously offered their home as a place for the Wednesday Evening discussions to take place. They live at 2700 Vista Grande Drive NW #22, very near the intersection of Coors and I-40. Beginning this Wednesday, March 22, we will be meeting at the Grays’ home. If you would like to call them for directions, please call the Church Office to get their number, or consult your Cathedral Directory.

Everyone reading the book is invited to each Wednesday evening session, though folks in nearby neighborhoods may find one location more convenient. We’ll try to get tables set together for a group discussion, but it may also be that we divide into groups of four to discuss the week’s readings. Either way, it will be a fun and interesting time for fellowship and conversation about our journey through Lent.

A limited number of copies of the book will be available in the Cathedral Gift Shop. You may purchase one there or order a copy online from Amazon (print or Kindle). Even if you are unable to join the discussions at Flying Star, this is a valuable Lent resource for your enrichment.