In large parishes such as St. John's, and even in much smaller parishes, one of the great challenges is helping people to know one another outside of their primary circle of people of similar age or interest. 

Fellowship within the parish begins at the Altar on Sunday morning. In the Sunday Eucharist, the congregation of worshipers enters into communion both with God and with one another. Apart from this sacramental fellowship, there is no Church. However, the communion that begins at the Altar continues and deepens as members of the parish engage with one another in other activities. On Sundays, immediately following each celebration of the Eucharist, there is a Coffee in Kaseman Hall & the Gallery. On the first Sunday of each month, Forum is replaced by a breakfast prepared by one of the organizations of St. John's.

Several different groups come together at various times during the month to meet the needs of different constituencies within the Cathedral congregation. Monthly Men's Breakfasts are held at 7:00 AM on the 3rd Wednesday at Weck's on Louisiana.

Daughters of the King, the Centering Prayer Group, and Society of Mary are all ministries that provide spiritual growth along with fellowship.

The Weekly Discussion Group meets Wednesday afternoon at 1:15PM. This is an opportunity to learn about one of the books of the Bible while studying with fellow Cathedral members.

Come and see what ministry appeals to you!