The newly refurbished and expanded Reuter op. 2210 at the Cathedral of St. John’s is an exceptional instrument. At 102 stops, 65 ranks, and 3,800 pipes, it is the largest pipe organ in New Mexico. More importantly, however, it is an extremely varied and exquisitely balanced instrument, perfectly suited to the warm acoustics of John Gaw Meems great sanctuary. Capable of the softest purr with its celestes and vox humana, or the mightiest roar from its battery of trumpets, the new organ continually thrills and inspires.

The current instrument uses nearly all of the pipework from the original organ built in 1952 (Reuter Opus 918). Since the $625,000 Cathedral Organ Restoration and Enhancement (CORE) project was completed in 2002, however, tonal gaps have been filled, stops have been balanced, and electronics and mechanisms have been brought to state of the art. An additional major undertaking of this project was the complete refurbishment of the chancel that has greatly improved the ability of the organ and the choirs to project sound out into the Cathedral nave.

organ pipes closeSt. John’s experience in planning, designing, raising funds, and executing its organ restoration was faith-affirming and, at times, seemingly miraculous. We did have a few rough patches and nervous moments, but with the grace of God, and through excellent leadership and the supportive efforts of hundreds of people, the Cathedral parish overcame the challenges and achieved a dream. When the time came to inaugurate the new instrument, which had been mute for six months during construction, the Cathedral and greater Albuquerque communities filled the church beyond capacity and shared this Prayer for a New Organ:

Lord God, thy beauty is ancient yet ever new, thy wisdom guides the world in right order and thy goodness gives the world its variety and splendor. The choirs of angels join together to offer their praises by obeying thy commands. The galaxies sing thy praises by the pattern of their movement that follows thy laws. The voices of the redeemed join in a chorus of praise to thy holiness as they sing to thee in mind and heart. We thy people, joyously gathered in this church, wish to join our voices to the universal hymn of praise. So that our song might rise more worthily to thy majesty, we present this organ for thy blessing. Grant that its music may lead us to express our prayer and praise in melodies that are pleasing to thee. Amen.
- The Book of Blessings of the Roman Catholic Church

We invite you to visit St. John’s and experience first-hand a great cathedral organ. The Cathedral has recorded several new CDs on the Cathedral organ, which are available from the Cathedral.

Specification of the Cathedral Organ
Reuter Organ Co. Op. 918/2210, AD 2002

Multiple Memory Combination action

16' Sub Principal
8' Diapason
8' Principal
8' Harmonic Flute (Choir)
8' Bourdon
4' Octave
4' Principal
4' Spindle Flute
2' Fifteenth
IV Mixture (1 1/3')
16' Bishop's Trumpet (TC) (Antiphonal)
16' Bassoon (Choir)
8' Tromba
8' Bassoon (Choir)
8' Clarinet (Choir)
8' Tuba (Choir)
8' Bishop's Trumpet (Antiphonal)
Great to Great 16, Great Unison Off, Great to Great 4

16' Spitz Flute
8' Diapason
8' Chimnemain organ pipesy Flute
8' Salicional
8' Voix Celeste
8' Spitz Flute
8' Flute Celeste (TC)
4' Principal
4' Spire Flute
4' Chimney Flute
2 2/3' Nazard
2' Recorder
1 3/5' Tierce
IV Chorus Mixture(2')
16' Double Trumpet
8' French Trumpet
8' Trumpet
8' Oboe
8' Vox Humana
8' Bishop's Trumpet (Antiphonal)
4' Clarion
4' Octave Trumpet
Swell to Swell 16, Swell Unison Off, Swell to Swell 4

16' Gemshorn
8' Principal
8' Harmonic Flute (TC)
8' Stopped Diapason
8' Gemshorn
8' Gemshorn Celeste (TC)
4' Principal
4' Koppel Flute
4' Gemshorn
2 2/3' Twelfth
2' Fifteenth
1 3/5' Seventeenth
1 1/3' Nineteenth
IV Sharp Mixture (1')
III Dolce Cornet (Gemshorn (2 2/3, 2, 1 3/5)
16' Bassoon
16' Tuba (TC)
8' Flugel Horn
8 ' Clarinet
8' Bassoon
8' Bishop's Trumpet (Antiphonal)
Choir to Choir 16, Choir Unison Off, Choir to Choir 4

16' Gedeckt
8' Principal
8' Gedeckt
4' Octave
4' GedecktCourtesy Think Harris Photography
2 2/3' Quint
2' Principal
II Mixture (2')
8' Bishop's Trumpet
Antiphonal to Antiphonal 16, Antiphonal Unison Off,
Antiphonal to Antiphonal 4

32' Violone
32' Bourdon
16' Double Open Wood
16' Principal
16' Bourdon
16' Sub Principal (Great)
16' Spitz Flute (Swell)
16' Gemshorn (Choir)
16' Gedeckt (Antiphonal)
10 2/3' Spitz Flute (Swell)
8' Octave (Choir Diapason)
8' Diapson (Double Open)
8' Bourdon
8' Principal (Great)
8' Spitz Flute (Swell)
8' Gemshorn (Choir)
8' Gedeckt (Antiphonal)
4' Super Octave
4' Diapason (Double Open)
4' Bourdon
4' Harmonic Flute (Choir)
IV Mixture (2 2/3')
32' Ophecleide
32' Bassoon
16' Trombone
16' Double Trumpet (Swell)
16' Bassoon (Choir)
8' French Trumpet (Swell)
8' Trumpet (Swell)
8' Tuba (Choir)
8' Bishop's Trumpet (Antiphonal)
8' Bassoon (Choir)
4' French Trumpet (Swell)
4' Clarinet (Choir)

(left to right)
Great to Pedal 8/4, Swell to Pedal 8/4, Choir to Pedal 8/4, Antiphonal to Pedal 8
Swell to Great 16/8/4, Choir to Great 16/8/4, Antiphonal on Great
Choir to Swell, Antiphonal on Swell
Swell to Choir 16/8/4, Antiphonal on Choir

100 Memory Level system using USB storage;
General 12 (duplicate toe studs); Swell, Great and Choir 8;
Pedal 6; Antiphonal 4; Coupler 3
Sw-Pd, Gt-Pd, Ch-Pd, Sw-Gt, Ch-Gt, Sw-Ch, Pd-Gt, Ch-Gt (transfer), Full Organ, Cymbelstern
Toe studs: Gt-Pd, Sw-Pd, Ch-Pd, Full Organ, Cymbelstern
32' Bourdon, 32' Violone, 32' Bassoon, 32' Ophecleide