Mission Trip


oljito 2011-1

Starting in 2008, the Cathedral has been in a relationship with St. Mary’s in Oljato, Utah on the Navajo Reservation. The Cathedral continues to do an annual mission trip to Oljato. Cathedral adults and kids helped to do basic repair work (literally mending fences) for the folks on the Reservation and hold a VBS for the kids on the Reservation, which is always well received. One of the greatest blessings of the VBS is the opportunity to build and grow our relationship with people of all ages on the Reservation.

navajoland group photo(1)

As with all of God’s work, the seeds have been planted. Some are growing firmly, others need some extra care. But all must be tended conscientiously and consistently. The Cathedral continues to honor its responsibility to be a good steward and shepherd in the community and the world.