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  • In our lesson this Sunday the followers of Jesus grow in an exponential way. The call of Jesus Christ to proclaim the kingdom of God no longer rests on the shoulders of a small band of fishermen and tax collectors. An additional 70 people are brought into the faith to spread it to the ends of the ea... [read more]
  • Have you ever wanted to finally set someone straight? Perhaps you have an acquaintance, an annoying coworker, a clueless friend, or an intolerable family member. Perhaps your frustration runs more toward the serious. Are you perpetually flummoxed by a political party, a special interest group, or a ... [read more]
  • This past Sunday, the Cathedral remembered the victims of the Orlando attack, and all victims of gun violence, using a beautiful litany written by the Rev. Michael Barlow. Forty-nine candles were lighted in memory of those killed in Orlando. We continue to pray for an end to the tragedy of innocent ... [read more]