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  • Living in two worlds requires careful balance. On the one hand, I have one foot planted firmly in the 21st Century, excited about the advances in technology that enable closer communications between people, easier travel, greater medical care, and a host of other ways in which the quality of our liv... [read more]
  • Invite a friend to church... First Sunday Breakfast Today at 10:00 a.m. Join friends in Kaseman Hall at for the First Sunday Breakfast, hosted by the Daughters of the King. It’s the perfect time to catch up with one another. First Sunday Children’s Worship Today. Following Children’s Ch... [read more]
  • For Dean's Forum this morning, Dean Goodman will share his experiences of the recent tour to India and his time spent with Grace and Moses and their family. Six members of the Cathedral were on the tour, which travelled in North India to see remarkable cultural and historic sites. This was the first... [read more]
  • This year marks forty years since my graduation from High School. Many of you will have passed greater milestones, and many of you have not yet exceeded the twenty-year anniversary of this rite of passage. Visiting my parents this week, and passing by my High School on several occasions, has caused ... [read more]