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  • We have a mere 6 Km before we get to Santiago tomorrow... (sorry about the picture quality) You can see the spires of the Cathedral off in the distance from our hotel (over 3 miles away) The octopus I ate for dinner, it was awesome. More reflections to follow! Thank you for your prayers... [read more]
  • We are almost exactly in the middle of our pilgrimage - one week ago today, I was on a long flight - in one week from today, I'll be on a long flight. A lot has transpired over a week. Not least of which is a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of our Cathedral members better. Ours is a precio... [read more]
  • I include two pictures that you may have already seen. One is the path on which tonight's reflection began to form in my spirit, and the other is the altar where I made resolution with the experience. On this path, two things occurred simultaneously. First, the travelers on the road to Emmaus cam... [read more]