Reflection 2 from Shawn


I include two pictures that you may have already seen. One is the path on which tonight’s reflection began to form in my spirit, and the other is the altar where I made resolution with the experience.

On this path, two things occurred simultaneously. First, the travelers on the road to Emmaus came to mind. I wondered what would happen, if I encountered our risen Lord on this path. Would I recognize him, and walk with him in joy and fellowship? Or, would I assume he was another pilgrim, and take for granted that his presence was inconsequential -being distracted by my own holy journey. Second, after roughly 10 km of walking down sometimes steep mountainous paths, the weight of my pack did its work, and one of my knees began to hurt badly.

They are most likely unrelated occurrences, and I have not attempted to discern some connection between them other than the fact thpilgrimage pathat both represent real dangers for each of us. In our lives together, we can become so engrossed with doing holy things and living lives pleasing to God that we may be in danger of missing his presence right there among us, at that moment. We may miss Christ in the face of those we serve, we may ignore Jesus’ presence in those alongside whom we labor. Is it possible that we miss time with Jesus, because we are so busy trying to please him, follow the rules, or share our faith with others?

Another danger we run is in risking injury to ourselves by relentlessly carrying burdens. There is no doubt that we are called to deal faithfully with the things that weigh us down. There is also no doubt that there is life given to another when we take their burden and carry it for them. But we must do these things with care, being ever mindful of how these burdens affect our own spiritual well-being. It is a holy thing to endure and to bear one another’s burdens, but it is also a holy thing to hand all of our burdens over to one who is much greater than us.

Blessings to you all,