“We are all pilgrims” – a Reflection from Shawn Wamsley


I have spent a lot of time pondering the notion of being a pilgrim these last days. In a specific trip like this one, we (the other pilgrims and I) take on special status. We walk with specific intentions. We are here on a single path, together. We have tuned our hearts and minds to receive God’s grace, to pray for God’s will, and often to plead with God for intervention. I have already experienced God’s blessing in a variety of ways – in particular I believe I have sensed the grace God expresses to our group specifically because your prayers. So, thank you, and keep praying, we notice!

pilgrims on the roadThis is a place of moving in the sacred present, and I could not help reflecting on the fact that while our journey is special to us, our presence is mundane to the residents of Spain. Our joyful experience of life in such a beautiful land, is commonplace for locals. So, that set me about wondering what our lives would be like, if we lived every day in the sacred present as pilgrims. What if every day, we went through our day expectant of God’s touch, purposefully offering ourselves and our needs up to God?

The picture is of the church in Sarria and its courtyard. We prayed the office of morning prayer here, and the whole time I mused over the ubiquity of graffiti (indeed I was fascinated by how similar street art is all over the world). The graffiti was a reminder to me that the holy can (and must!) be found among the mundane things in our lives.

We are all pilgrims. (More photos of the pilgrimage are found in the Pilgrimage Photo Gallery)

pilgrimage map 061505