At the Finance Committee meeting this week, it became clear that 2019 is turning out to be a pivotal year for the Cathedral. Experience shows that churches often experience a financial decline during transition times. By contrast, St. John’s Cathedral is strong financially – contributions are strong, and expenses have been contained. We expect to end the year in balance without drawing on our investment funds for support. (This is a true milestone!) See the financial report for details. 

Reese Gateley, Cathedral Treasurer, chairs the finance committee, which includes the wardens, Betsy Bayne, Ross Holmen and Dean Kristi. The foundation of our finances is accurate and timely bookkeeping by Kathleen Steichen. 

We are in a position to enrich and expand our ministries by building on this strong foundation in 2020 and beyond. You will be hearing more about this in the coming weeks.

On the first Sunday of Advent, we will be going “back to the future,” as we return to three Sunday services. As you can imagine, this change impacts clergy, Altar Guild, ushers, vergers & acolytes, lay readers, publications, sextons…and of course, parishioners. More details soon!

Rather than listing the myriad needs and opportunities for volunteers each week in the Cathedral News, a new home for volunteers now resides on our web site. Please visit to see how you can help engage in our community, and assist in the day-to-day operations of our Church.

Faithfully, Charlie Hawkins, Senior Warden