Is serving on the Vestry right for you?


Although the Cathedral Chapter is the governing body of the Cathedral, its primary function is to elect the Dean. In that regard, their job has been accomplished. The Diocese Canons also state that the Cathedral is a Parish Church, and that the Rector (also the Dean) and Vestry “shall have the customary rights and duties…of a Vestry.” In short: the Vestry is responsible for the business matters of the Cathedral. It is comparable to a board of directors in business or nonprofit organizations, yet distinctly different because of our call to serve God. 


Our Vestry consists of the Dean, the wardens and 12 elected members, who serve a three-year term. Each year, at the Annual Meeting, one-third of the Vestry rotates off (4 members). At the January 2020 meeting, the congregation will elect four new Vestry members.


The minimum requirement for Vestry members is to be a baptized and confirmed member in good standing of the Cathedral. “Good standing” is interpreted to be a regular attendee in worship and communion. Vestry members are also expected to make an annual financial pledge.


For the upcoming Class of 2022, we are also requiring that parishioners interested in standing for election meet with a current Vestry member to discuss further the time and involvement commitment. After that meeting, candidates will be nominated by the current Vestry member, and will be required to attend an information meeting with the Dean and wardens to answer any questions and further outline expectations. Candidates will then be presented to the congregation prior to the annual meeting and will be elected by paper ballot at the meeting. 


While serving on the Vestry is a substantial responsibility, it is also immensely fulfilling. Much of the future of the Cathedral rests in the actions of each Vestry. All Vestry members represent the Cathedral as a whole rather than a particular ministry. 


Is serving on the Vestry your calling? Contact a current member to explore. See the Cathedral News or reach out to Travis in the church office for contact information. 


Charlie Hawkins, Senior Warden