Please welcome Victor Gomez as our new Assistant Sexton. He will be responsible for Saturday and Sunday coverage as well as for Tuesday mornings and afternoons.  Victor is an excellent addition to the building and grounds staff, having been selected from a number of qualified candidates who applied for the job. He brings a wide range of security and facility management experience to the position. Welcome, Victor!

During a recent small home renovation I was pointedly reminded to think in terms of abundance rather than scarcity. At one point a miter saw would have made the job easier than the skill saw with which I was working. Thoughts centered on that lack. Then, suddenly an inner voice called such thinking to a rapid halt. Wait! You have the means to buy the materials needed, and more importantly you have the health and strength to perform the tasks (sore muscles notwithstanding). This revelation led to more overreaching thoughts about abundance and the many, many things for which to be grateful. As we have gone through the process of developing a budget for 2020 the thoughts of abundance changed thinking from “can we afford to do what we need to do,” to “what incredible opportunities we have to enhance our many existing ministries and to establish new programs that increase our ministry, both within and beyond our Cathedral walls”. You are invited to join me in gratitude for being a part of our vibrant Cathedral community and for new energy and excitement in imagining all of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Faithfully, Diane Butler, Jr. Warden