This week, the Cathedral Clergy, and staff would like to recognize one of our three Cathedral Choir members who will graduate from High School this year. Each of these students has reflected on his or her experience in the Chorister program and Cathedral Choir.


Bryce van Note, Class of 2020

Although the Cathedral Choir is known for its exceptional singing, it is much more. Starting as a chorister myself when I was in elementary school, I figured out that singing for the glory of God is what brings us together—but the Cathedral Choir program offers much more. It’s traveling together, it’s fellowship, it’s getting an amazing hand-made cookie tin banjo from my Secret Santa, it’s a community of friends and family—not just singers.

Being in the choir has shown me how a professional-level chorus runs and prepared me for a diverse study of music. Dr. Thevenot, Mr. Connolly and a number of other talented musicians have helped me learn not just to sing and read music, but about music theory and composition. It has helped train my ear for music, and helped as I learned to play French Horn, piano and mellophone. It showed me the recording side of music and how meticulous it can be for a full choir to sing a piece of music perfectly.

Some of my greatest memories come from three albums we recorded. Once I had the CDs we made and heard how amazing we sounded, it was very inspiring. With each song, when the final note was still resonating through the air, I would look around to an eager room of people waiting for silence to fall, just to hear “one more time.” Of course, we all knew it wouldn’t be just one more time. Choir has formed me to be much more resilient and to have a much longer attention span. Choir has shown me the high level of musicality and practice needed to be a successful singer and instrumentalist. It takes time and dedication.

Over all the years, the best part has been the travel. I’ve been able to travel not only coast to coast, but across the ocean to England where we sang at Wells Cathedral. Through summer choir courses and choir tours, I have been to Portland, Tulsa, Seattle, New York City and Washington DC to sing at the National Cathedral. I have sung in so many wonderful places, and studied with amazing conductors and musicians from around the world.

All this travel and these opportunities for my musical growth were made possible by being in the Cathedral Choir and Chorister programs. I plan to continue studying music, and I know that music will always be an important part of my life. Through my ten years as both a Chorister and as a member of the Cathedral Choir, I will always remember traveling around the world and singing in beautiful and historic churches all along the way.