The overall financial condition of our Cathedral remains OK.  However, the preliminary financial report for October shows that income was not as strong as last year.  As we mentioned in our September report, expenses through September were greater than income by $31,000.  For October, that gap is projected to increase by around $25,000.  As giving is considered for November and December, please keep in mind that we would very much like to close the gap between expenses and income by the end of the year.  Through October, no investment draw has been taken and we are diligently working to control expenses to keep that trend through the end of the year.  We already have some 2020 pledges paid.  Please know that those monies are not used for 2019 expenses but are kept segregated until 2020 begins.

Thank you for your support.  It is because of that Trust and Faithful Giving that we are able to financially continue the Mission of the Cathedral.

Reese Gateley, Treasurer