Q: How many Episcopalians does it take to change a light bulb? A: (from most of the congregation) CHANGE???!!

Having just returned from a three-week vacation (longest ever!), the change at the Cathedral is palpable. It appears that the return to three services has been very positive. For the first three weeks in November, average Sunday attendance (all services) has been around 300, a considerable increase from a couple of years ago. For those who are new to the Cathedral, we are glad you have come our way, hope that you will consider making St. John’s your church home. A warm welcome to all!

There are a number of programs, events, special services and other activities that are filling up our Cathedral calendar. Find where you are fed spiritually and join in. So many of our programs are possible only with the dedicated support of volunteers who are matching their spiritual gifts to the needs and opportunities for ministry. If you are seeking a place to “plug in,” contact any vestry member or Dean Kristi or Father Chuck. You may also want to take a look at the Cathedral web site, which now lists opportunities for leadership and support.

The 2020 stewardship drive is underway, and the early response is very positive, with the average pledge amount showing a 15% increase. If you have yet to send in your pledge for next year, we encourage you to indicate your support soon, so that we may refine the 2020 budget. As Treasurer Reese Gateley indicated last week, 2020 pledges that are “prepaid” in 2019 will be held to support 2020 programs and expenses.

Speaking of change, the programs of the Cathedral are changing lives every day – whether someone is being fed spiritually through music and liturgy, being fed at the Tuesday food pantry, experiencing a new pathway to the Sacred via contemplative prayer or receiving a hug from someone who cares.

Faithfully, Charlie Hawkins, Senior Warden