I always enjoy Gaudete, the third Sunday in Advent. From Ecclesiastical Latin, gaudete means “rejoice (ye).”  In the Advent wreath, Gaudete is represented by lighting a pink candle, as pink is a liturgical color for joy. Indeed, there is much joy as we anticipate the coming of the Christ child.

Joy is easily seen in the faces and voices of children – especially at this time of year. Santa notwithstanding, the enthusiasm and joy expressed by children as they anticipate participating in the Christmas Eve pageant is palpable.

There are many kinds of joy, to be sure. For example, my heart sings with joy every time I hear our sopranos soar with a descant. Our grandkids bring us joy as they grow and begin to come into their own.

What brings you joy? Perhaps you have other words for it…satisfaction, contentment and calmness come to mind. At this week’s finance committee meeting, we experienced all of those as we reflected on the progress we’ve made over the last couple of years. The Cathedral is  spending within our means, our financial reporting is more transparent and we have all but eliminated the need to draw on our investment funds for support. On this solid foundation, we are poised for an exciting…and dare I say… joyful future.

Thank you for the part you play in this exciting, joy-filled journey!

Faithfully, Charlie Hawkins, Senior Warden