Wow! What a wonderful Annual Meeting we all enjoyed.  Thanks to everyone who supplied sustenance with their delicious contributions of food, those assisting with preparation and clean-up, and to all who participated in our communal gathering.  Welcome to our new Sr. Warden, Zac Van Note and vestry members Wells Jones, Dawn Madden, Allan Stevens, and Stephanie Wilson-Scott. We gave thanks to retiring members Charlie Hawkins, Sr. Warden and vestry members Katy Braziel, Mary Erwin, Shannon Baldwin, and Paul Wilson-Scott, all of whom served admirably during our period of transition. We acknowledged the contributions of parishioners who contributed toward development of a new vision for the Cathedral , and celebrated calling the Very Rev. Kristi Maulden as our new Dean.

Transition…well, we have constantly heard from both Bishop Michael Hunn and Dean Kristi, that transition continues. On this day, when we celebrate both the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Candlemas, we can celebrate the Cathedral of St. John living into the light of new beginnings, new hopes and dreams, and new ways of being the light in the center of downtown Albuquerque.  With an outstanding response to the stewardship campaign, we can celebrate the possibility of enhancing our Christian formation programs and be more proactive in dealing with the administrative responsibilities required for a large congregation – one that is growing week by week. Let us give thanks for these accomplishments.

Please join in our continuing effort to strengthen our community within, and to better serve our neighbors and larger community.  Working with other parishioners has strengthened my faith, and deepened my belief that each of our contributions, whether large or small, moves us forward.  We are on the cusp of making a tremendous difference, not only for our Cathedral community, but for our community at large.

Faithfully, Diane Butler, Jr. Warden