From the Chair of the Outreach Committee

Welcome Home!

On Sunday, March 8, the Cathedral will begin a new Outreach ministry, “Welcome Home Baskets for Heading Home.” This project is part of our partnership with Heading Home, a nonprofit that provides emergency housing, permanent supportive housing services, and street outreach to people experiencing homelessness. Supporting Heading Home is in keeping with the Cathedral’s commitment to serve as a Matthew 25 parish and helps fulfill the Outreach mission of cooperating with local agencies to provide supportive services for those in need within our community.

Since 2011 Heading Home has transitioned more than 3,000 individuals into housing. Currently, it provides sixteen clients per month who are moving into housing with a Welcome Home Basket containing cleaning, hygienic, and other household supplies. The Welcome Home Baskets ministry is designed to help with that effort. Our target is to deliver six baskets each month to Heading Home for distribution to clients, thereby freeing some of its funds to meet other pressing needs.

We invite parishioners to make either in-kind or money donations to the Welcome Home Baskets ministry. Heading Home has given us a list of supplies that newly housed people need. These range from laundry baskets to mops and brooms to personal hygiene items such as shampoo. If you would like to have a complete list of the items needed, please go to Outreach at the Cathedral website, pick up a list in the Gallery, or write to me at the email address shown below.

Lent approaches soon and many people are no doubt thinking about what kind of Lenten observance they will follow. Older tradition encourages us to “give up” something, whether Friday night’s dessert or a favorite form of entertainment. A different way of committing to the spirit of Lent is to give more to those who need our help. The Welcome Home Baskets ministry is a new opportunity to reach out to our neighbors in need, during Lent and beyond.

If you would like to support the Welcome Home Baskets ministry, please consider, the next time you go shopping, buying a laundry basket, dish soap, or – best of all! — a range of items on the Heading Home list. Then bring these items to the Front Desk at your convenience. The sextons have generously agreed to move and store them in the basement until it is time to assemble the baskets. We will put baskets together every second Sunday of the month, in the Gallery, starting at 10:00am and finishing before the 11:00am service. Please join us to prepare the first baskets on Sunday, March 8.

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement, and please support this new effort to spread God’s love in our community. If you have questions, please write to me at [email protected]

Elizabeth Williams, Chair, Outreach Committee