“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, … it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, …”

—A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

The last month has been a difficult time, at the Cathedral, and around the globe. Never in our lifetime has there been such a disruptive pandemic that has, in just a matter of days, shaken the foundations of our society. And all this in the midst of Lent—a time of deep reflection, but also a season of sharp contrasts. As we just witnessed Holy Week and relived the darkest days in the Bible, we came out of the darkness, into the triumphant joy of Easter. Christ has risen indeed!

To watch the news, or your Facebook feed, there is so much fear and uncertainty right now that it’s easy to believe that all has turned to darkness. But if we really look around, there is still so much Hope and Light in the world. For every tragic story, there’s an equally uplifting story. There are so many stories of people working together to find solutions to the challenges of this difficult time of physical separation. So many people are working tirelessly to care for the sick, and so many others are working on solutions – producing vital equipment, medical treatments, vaccines. There is much despair, but there is also much reason for hope.

As Christians, we choose Hope and Light. In this time of great uncertainty, I hope that you will find comfort and joy in this Eastertide. At the Cathedral, we are moving forward in the Light of Jesus Christ. We continue to find ways to reach out and build our Christian community. We have had very strong attendance for the live streaming of the Sunday morning services. Hundreds of people across Albuquerque and across the country tuned in on Easter. We are live streaming morning prayer, along with other special opportunities to interact online. I hope you’ve subscribed to our new YouTube channel, and enjoyed the many wonderful musical contributions that have been created. We continue to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ through phone calls, emails and through cards and letters. We will continue to reach out, and we encourage you to stay in touch.

The food pantry is still serving our community. The Clergy, Staff, and Vestry are still working and available during this time to plan for the future and to serve those who are in need—physically, spiritually, and economically. And we still need your financial support. Many have mailed in their pledges over the last few weeks, and some have started donating electronically. Just like everyone, we are feeling the pinch emotionally and economically. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

We don’t know how long the current situation will last. We are still receiving updated guidance almost daily. We will stay in touch and keep you informed. Through these uncertain times, look for the Light, cherish your time with loved ones, and trust in the hope of the better days we know will come.

Zac VanNote, Sr. Warden