“…….we must learn to live in the tragic gap, faithfully holding the tension between reality and possibility, without letting cynicism or idealism take us out of the action. Idealism is important, but it needs to be tempered by acceptance of life’s tragic dimensions.´ Parker Palmer


We are living through a time that most of us have never experienced. This statement is not meant to dismiss events of the past that have brought great sorrow and anxiety to many, but to me it is a time when it seems essential to hold opposite thoughts in tension and let that be okay. In the article from which this quote was taken, Palmer Parker was actually talking about living a non-violent lifestyle; however, I found it particularly appropriate for the days we are living through. For those of us who are grateful for full pantries we can hold in tension our gratefulness for food security, while grieving for those across our nation and the world who are going hungry; we can grieve the inability to be with family and friends, while being grateful for the technology that allows us to be in touch through social media. As much as I thought I disliked meeting through Zoom, I have become grateful for this technology that allows us to see faces and hear voices of beloved family, friends, and, colleagues.  We can hold in tension our agreeing/disagreeing with the way COVID19 is being handled with great hope that we will emerge with greater collaboration, new appreciation for connection, and better understanding of what is most important in our lives. 

Please express your appreciation to Dean Kristi, Travis Rourk, Maxine Thevenot, members of the choir, sextons, your vestry, volunteers for the Food Pantry,Front Desk, and others working behind the scenes, who are working diligently to maintain connection with members of the Cathedral Parish and community, through their gifts of notes, music, service to the community, and, maintenance of our lovely spaces. Please join us on Facebook for Sunday services at 11:00 AM, Morning Prayer at 8:30 AM Monday – Saturday (follow the posted link, you do not need to be a Facebook member), and follow the Cathedral web page for updated information about how you can stay connected www.stjohns.abq.org

Plans for the windows/organ project are moving forward. Stay tuned for more information. It is critical that we serve as stewards of the gifts we have been given to enhance our worship.

On a very personal note, I miss seeing your faces in person and know that we will have a wonderful celebration when we can once again meet together at the Cathedral.

Please be in touch with Dean Kristi, the Wardens, and Vestry if there is anything we can do to assist during this time.

Peace and Blessings to all, Diane Butler, Jr. Warden