From The Very Rev. Kristina Maulden

We have now been in an altered church world for seven Sundays.  We have learned how to do Zoom meetings and live stream church services.  And we continue to live into the reality of an invisible and deadly virus that has yet to be conquered.  I listen daily for signs of hope for a vaccine and better testing.  We are not to a place where it is safe to gather in person.  Even though some businesses are opening up and some of the restrictions are being lifted, it is still not safe to gather in large groups.  But, since we are all adapting to doing things at a distance, I think encouraging more ways to do gatherings is important.  We all need to stay connected to each other and see familiar faces.  To this end, we are beginning online small group meetings called Cathedral At Home beginning the week of May 11.

These gatherings will have designated leaders and will include time to catch up with one another and do a short Scripture study.  The Scripture we will be studying is from the Book of Acts.  Acts is the continuation of the story of the disciples immediately following Jesus’ resurrection.  It was a time in which the early church sought to redefine itself from its Jewish roots.  It was a time of bringing in alternative forms of worship and dealing with conflicting ideas and theology.  It was a time like the one we are living in now.  These groups will meet for 7 weeks.  At that point, we will evaluate how the small groups worked and if we need to add more or diversify topics.  I hope we will continue with the concept of gathering like this, even after we can meet again in person.

Another facet of these Cathedral at Home meetings:  they are not meant to be exclusive of non Cathedral members.  Please invite family or friends or neighbors to join in as well.  All of us need to feel that we are seen and are a part of something larger than the thoughts in our own heads or the confines of the walls of our homes.  We will set up these meetings using an online meeting software called Zoom.  It is free to use!  The Cathedral staff is happy to help walk you through any technical difficulties that block you from joining in.  Currently, we have five leaders for four groups.  Our leaders are our Senior Warden, Zac Van Note; Vestry Member, Nate Roberts; experienced small group leaders, Julia and Carl Kinkel; and deep thinker, Harrison Higgins.  Look for the link in this issue of Cathedral news to register for a class.  

I will continue to lead our Book Study group on Thursdays at 2pm.  We are currently reading Vintage Saints and Sinners: 25 Christians Who Transformed my Life, by Karen Wright Marsh.  This past Thursday was the first meeting for this book.  If you would like to join us, we are reading the chapter on St. Augustine for next week.  Please send me an email at [email protected] and I will send you the link to the meeting.  

I look forward to the time when we can all be together in person.  Until that time, remember the church is the people and when two or three are gathered, God is in the midst.