Introducing the Pipes and Glass Project

Precious treasures of the Cathedral, our stained glass windows and organ, have been in urgent need of renovation for some time. Most of the problems we are experiencing are due to non-ventilating covers that were installed on the exterior of the stained glass during a former renovation of the windows. This in turn created a build up of moisture and dust that entered the spaces around the organ pipes and chests and created damage. After detailed assessments by Willet Hauser Architectural Glass (among other stained glass companies, and Reuter Organ Company last year, the vestry has been in discernment as to when to start this project. The Dean, Director of Music, and Vestry have decided that, in order to prevent further damage, we must undertake this project immediately. Beginning on June 8th work will begin on dismantling parts of the organ. Following Reuter Organ’s phase I, Willet Hauser will have a crew on location to work on the stained glass windows. Reuter will then return to complete work on the organ.

It is anticipated that all work will be completed by the end of July.

Following are details of the work to be accomplished:

Pipe Organ (Reuter Organ Company)

Phase I

  • All exposed pipes in the Great and Antiphonal divisions will be removed and chest tops and racks will be cleaned and covered with plastic. 
  • Pipes will be stored in trays in the Parish Hall. 
  • The eight foot Tromba pipe will be transported to the factory for a complete cleaning and revoicing.
  • There are 61 pipes that will be going back to the Reuter factory for re-regulating and cleaning. 


Phase II (To begin after completion of window work.) 

  • Uncover and clean chest tables and rack boards, remove the pouch boards from the wind chests and clean.
  • Clean and reinstall all pipes.
  • Releather water damaged leather valves in Antiphonal.
  • Off-set chest directly below the window.
  • Clean plaster dust residue in Swell chamber.
  • Install a plywood plate to cover damaged plaster in Swell chamber.
  • Tune the entire organ, including regulation of all the reed stops for consistent speech.

Stained Glass Windows (Willet Hauser Architectural Glass):

Phase I (June-July 2020) 

Phase I will address six windows on the SE side of the altar above the organ chamber and the window facing Silver above the Narthex. 

  • The existing protective covering will be removed. 
  • Recement the stained glass window on the exterior surface. 
  • Putty the interior of the stained glass window 
  • Install protective covering into traceries. 
  • Scrape loose paint, and apply both a primer coat and a finish coat of rust inhibiting paint. 
  • Windows shall be covered with our exclusive Klear-Flo® protective covering system utilizing 1/4” Acrylic. 

Phases II and III will be implemented during the next three years and will address the remaining stained glass windows.

This year’s project costs amount to $94,791 with $67,812 being covered by Church Insurance Company. This leaves a balance of about $27,000 to be raised for Phase I. Costs for Phases II and III are tentative at the moment, due to changing economic conditions; however, based on the original proposal, they are expected to be around $50,000.

Dr. Peggie Findlay has agreed to serve as the Chair of the Pipes and Glass funding raising effort and is joined by Dean Kristi, Canon Maxine Thevenot, Wells Jones, Helen Wertheim, Harrison Higgins, Zac Van Note, and Jr. Warden Diane Butler (as Project Manager for the Cathedral). You will be receiving more information from this committee in the near future. Maxine and Edmund Connolly, along with special guests Travis Rourk, and cathedral choristers Abby Clarke and Jordyn Tatum, are contributing their talents to the fundraising effort by offering an online performance called, Quarantunes. For more information and to purchase a ticket, please go to 


Any financial assistance you are able to offer to assist with this project will be greatly appreciated. 


Faithfully and with thanksgiving for all, Diane Butler, Jr. Warden