The Great North Window

Phase I of the stained glass window project is complete!  Joseph Martinez, of Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, finished the work on July 1st.  During this phase the Great North Window and six chancel windows were cleaned, recemented, and covered with a one-quarter inch acrylic cover. All coverings are vented to prevent condensation.  

Beginning on July 13th, Reuter Organ personnel will return to the Cathedral to perform the following work: 

  • Uncover the wind chests.
  • Clean chest tables and rack boards.
  • Open all the wind chests and remove the pouch boards for cleaning. This also ensures no dust/dirt remains inside the wind chest.
  • Clean and reinstall all pipes, including the refurbished Tromba.
  • Re-leather water damaged leather valves in Antiphonal off-set chest directly below the window.
  • Clean plaster dust residue in Swell chamber.
  • Install a plywood plate to cover damaged plaster in Swell chamber – found behind the expressive louvers.
  • Tune the entire organ, including regulation of all the reeds stops for consistent speech.

Coming up next on the “caring for the Cathedral” list will be inspections by structural engineers and technicians. They will advise us of work needed to ensure the physical integrity of our beautiful Cathedral. 

Stay tuned for updates.

Faithfully, Diane Butler, Jr. Warden