While our Cathedral building is sparsely populated with people, there is certainly ongoing activity. 

Those of you who participate in online worship heard our phenomenal organist, Maxine Thevenot, playing the reconditioned Reuter organ this past Sunday. JR Neutel and John Grunow of Reuter Organ Company, with assistance from our own Jordyn Tatum, spent a week cleaning, reassembling, and tuning this great instrument.

Chamade pipes all clean and glowing

Tromba pipes back in place

The parish offices have a new look with the help of many hands, including our sextons, Mason and Victor, Andrew and Richard Maulden and your Jr. Warden. Our new Associate, the Rev. Spencer Brown will be in the office directly across from the Dean, and Travis Rourk will relocate to the office directly in front of the entry. The entry area will soon become a reception and conference area. Mailboxes have been moved to the storage area adjacent to the offices. 

Other ongoing work includes:

Major purging of items no longer useful and reorganizing the vesting sacristy.

Roberta Innan continues with her efforts to make books in our library more accessible. She is ably assisted by Madeline Black.

Donna Ceravolo schedules front desk volunteers on a weekly basis. Thanks to Donna, Steve Crouch, Robert Mayer, Dave Tuttle, John Vaughn, and Linda White for your service as greeters at the front desk. Caty Butcher has served faithfully and will be leaving to join with her husband on a new adventure. Kay Sedler is joining the front desk team. Please be in touch with Donna if you have an afternoon free as she needs more volunteers to cover a couple of afternoons.

Ron Reder and his team keep the Food Pantry open on Tuesdays of each week, ensuring that food is available to those in our neighborhood who need this assistance. 

Betty Logan and Sandy Veltkamp spend hours each week helping with the effort to keep us all connected. The card industry certainly benefits from their ministry, but not nearly so much as those who receive their cards and letters. Should you need to receive a paper copy of the weekly news, please let Travis know.

The above most certainly does not include everyone who is continuing their ministries during this difficult time. The Zoom app rarely rests given the number of committee and small group meetings being held online. Our clergy are busy planning new programs, our Dean and the vestry are in serious discussion about alternatives to in-person worship. The stewardship committee is planning for the fall campaign. 

Thanks everyone for their dedication and hard work. During this time of physical separation, please stay in touch with one another. Stay safe, stay well. 

Faithfully, Diane Butler, Jr. Warden