From Charlie Hawkins – Former Senior Warden

As an active member of St. John’s Cathedral for 18 years, I’ve had the privilege of singing in the Cathedral Choir, participating in outreach programs and serving in several governance capacities. 

When we were beginning the process of discernment for calling our next dean, feedback from listening circles affirmed the things we love about the Cathedral…the music and liturgy, preaching the Gospel, the potlucks, our outreach programs and the many ways we care for each other.

Hopes for the future included a revitalized Sunday School and youth program, better pastoral care communications, heightened security and a dean who would lead us into the future with integrity, spiritual guidance and positive energy. 

Dean Kristi arrived a little over a year ago, and by February of 2020, things were looking pretty good. And then, COVID came. No one wished for a pandemic that would influence almost every aspect of our lives and have a profound impact on the way we “do church”. Lots of things changed…rapidly. Like most churches, St. John’s pivoted to virtual services, which are certainly a different experience than gathering together in our beautiful sanctuary. 

During this time, there are also many positive things to celebrate:

  • Father Spencer has come on board, bringing new energy to Christian formation programs and congregational development. 
  • The food pantry is still serving needy families in our neighborhood. 
  • There’s a sharper focus on pastoral care, especially as we are not able to gather in person. 
  • Several small virtual Bible study groups are successfully meeting via Zoom.
  • Our security has been strengthened, and the Cathedral property has never looked better. 
  • Financial support for the Cathedral is strong.
  • We are reaching more people each week with our virtual services that we were before COVID! 

All of us yearn for the time we can safely gather together again at the Cathedral. The “new normal” come – maybe not as fast or in the way we would all prefer – but it will happen. And the Cathedral will be ready. 

I am privileged to be able to support St. John’s financially. Whether you are a long-time pledger, or new to the Cathedral, it takes support from all of us. 

In this election year, I hope you will join me in voting “yes” for St. John’s Cathedral. A yes vote will require three things: 

  • your continuing financial support,
  • the offering of your time and talents to serve whenever and wherever called and, 
  • your prayers.

God bless!