Dear Cathedral Family,

As your Senior Warden, I’d like to first thank all of you for your very generous gifts to the Cathedral over the last year: the talents you offer, the time you give, and the financial support you provide. The Cathedral relies almost entirely on contributions from individuals and families to support daily operations. Our Staff and Vestry have worked hard to bring forth a balanced budget over the last several years, where individual contributions cover 85% or more of our operating expenses. We would like to suggest a stretch goal to 90% for 2023. With a budget approaching $1 million dollars a year, this will require everyone pitching in to meet this ambitious goal. 

In Dean Kristi’s recent letter, she outlined many of the outstanding ministries of the Cathedral. Our dedicated and inventive staff, along with many dedicated parishioners, have found so many ways to connect with each other and with people outside our walls. We’ve tried twists on the old tried-and-true, and attempted things we’d never considered before. 

Even as the pandemic’s lingering effects continue presenting challenges, we’ve also had some major capital expenses, like repairs and replacement of major heating and cooling systems. We’ve also had a lot of changes. The Diocesan offices are now completely renovated upstairs, the Bosque Center has been sold, and the Diocesan staff have completely moved into their new space. This new arrangement will be financially beneficial to the Cathedral as well as the Diocese. 

We also found out recently that Heading Home will be leaving as our long-time tenant in our building across the street. We’ve already got an agent working to find another non-profit organization to lease that facility, but even a temporary loss of income from that property will affect our operating budget.    

So much has changed over the last two years, but some things remain the same. This is the time of year we conduct our pledge drive to assure funding for the next calendar year. We ask you to prayerfully consider your pledge for 2023. I would love to see 100% of our operating budget covered by pledges. This would allow us to save any additional income for the ‘rainy day’ expenses we know we will need with a historical building, and an active congregation. 

You should have received a pledge card and envelope already. You can indicate your 2023 pledge on the card. You can also indicate if you want assistance with giving from your retirement account, or making a recurring donation. If you would prefer to give electronically–as a one-time gift, or a recurring gift by credit card or bank draft– please go to You can drop off your pledge in the Sunday offering plate, mail it to the Cathedral, or use the website. Your support is greatly appreciated by myself, our clergy, and the Vestry. Your contributions of your time, talent and treasure are all needed as we work together to build for the future.  

Zac Van Note, Senior Warden