Sunday School (Grades K-12)
We welcome your participation as a teacher, assistant, or substitute!
Joanne Gray

Children’s Chapel (Age 7-11)
10:30 AM | Clark Center
Children process to the Clark Center while the Gloria is sung and return during the Offertory to help bring Food Pantry donations to the altar. Children’s Chapel offers interactive liturgy in age-appropriate language and designed to encourage excitement about participating in worship.

Rite 13 and Journey to Adulthood  (Grades 6-12)
9:15 AMLibrary and Middleton Center
These programs focus on practical and spiritual transitions from childhood to young adulthood. At each level, we encourage youth to participate in study and fellowship. Each level includes challenges and opportunities.

Cathedral Youth Group (Grades 6-12)
For youth in grades 6-12, meeting regularly to share dinner and activities.

Nursery (Infants-age 7)
7:45 AM-12:00 PM | Located off the Gallery
Infants and children up to age seven are welcome in the nursery located just off the Gallery. We encourage children over age seven to attend Children’s Chapel and church.
For information on how to become a nursery attendant please see our job description. Please contact Carol Pitts to submit a letter of interest and resume.