Sunday School Ministry

Perhaps you are a trained educator, or perhaps not. There are many ways to help and many degrees of involvement. The only requirement is a willingness to give back to God by being a consistent, faithful, and creative presence in a child’s Christian formation.

There are many reasons to consider being involved in Sunday School.

From the positive impact on our community to the personally gratifying interactions with our kids, being a Sunday School teacher gives you the opportunity to be an integral part of the process of lifelong Christian learning and helping the next generation form a relationship with God, self, others, and all creation.


Volunteers Needed

Sunday School Teacher

  • Primarily responsible for
    management of Sunday School
  • Take attendance and request subs
    when the teacher plans to be absent
  • Time commitment of 1-3 hours per
    week, but can vary based on
    curriculum used

 Sunday School Volunteer

  • Assists teacher as “another pair of
  • Ensures we are following Safe
    Church guidelines by being the second
    person in the classroom
  • Time commitment limited to the
    time in the classroom

Sunday School Substitute

  • Makes sure the Teachers &
    Volunteers are covered in the event
    of travel or other absence
  • Time commitment usually limited to
    a couple of hours every month


Please fill out the volunteer form if you are interested in becoming a part of Sunday School at the Cathedral.