Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop serves customers of all economic, ethnic, and spiritual backgrounds with kindness, caring, and compassion. All proceeds from the Thrift Shop support vulnerable populations of the Albuquerque downtown area by supporting St. John’s Cathedral outreach to those in need and partnering with community non-profits that serve the downtown area. The shop supplies almost 100% of the cash to run the food pantry.

We have 32 Cathedral volunteers and 18 community volunteers. Some volunteers work 1-2 times a week and some work 1-2 times a year.

Volunteers needed

  • Volunteers who are willing to work in the shop on a regular basis. Due to a lack of volunteers able to work on a regular basis, we have had to cut back our hours. This resulted in a 40% drop in income in August, 2019.
  • Volunteers to help 1-12 times a year picking up estate sale “leftovers.”
  • Facility manager – responsible for overseeing repairs and maintenance for the Thrift Shop building.


Please fill out the volunteer form if you are interested in becoming a part of the St. John’s Thrift Shop.