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  • Liturgical observances on Sundays throughout the Church Year fall into four categories. There are those Sundays that are directly connected with a specific season, such as Lent or Advent. that emphasize a particular spiritual practice. Lent focuses on renewal and repentance; Advent leads us to a dee... [read more]
  • Living in two worlds requires careful balance. On the one hand, I have one foot planted firmly in the 21st Century, excited about the advances in technology that enable closer communications between people, easier travel, greater medical care, and a host of other ways in which the quality of our liv... [read more]

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  • The Chenaults have performed extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Specializing in works written for two performers, the Chenaults have commissioned and premiered over 40 organ duets. Because of their unique and refreshing repertoire, combined with their exciting and sensitive artistr... [read more]