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  • This week’s Collect appeals to God to bring us together as a church so that we can show forth God's glorious power in unity. In my sixty-two years, I can't recall a time when we need unity more than we need it now. The deep divisions in the world give me great pain. The harm inflicted by extreme ... [read more]
  • I have spoken before from the pulpit about the fact that I used to listen to a lot of Christian Music, I think I may have even quoted one or two Casting Crowns songs before. So it’s not entirely strange for me to tell you that one of my favorite casting crowns songs was for a little while Voice of T... [read more]
  • Behind the Scenes Perhaps one of the oldest ministries in the church is that of the Altar Guild. The history of Altar Guilds goes back to the early church when Christians gathered in private homes to break bread and the head of the household provided whatever was required for the meal. By the fou... [read more]

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  • The Summer 2017 Gallery Show All Media show ends Sept. 3. There is still time to stop in and see the art in a variety of genres The next show will be NM Landscapes. If you are an artist, or know an artist, check out the Gallery page of the website.